CUPDR Random Copper Powder

COPPER POWDER 99.9% (Needs update)

Highly pure 99.9% copper powder made from electrolytic copper. Mesh 150 Granular Copper.

Additional Description

variety of uses in the electrical and electronic industries because of its excellent electrical and thermal conductivities. Also used in self-lubricating bearing ,brazing, cold soldering, and mechanical plating, as well as for antifouling paints, decorative and protective coatings and printing inks. medals and medallions, metal-plastic decorative products and a variety of chemical and medical purposes.

Analysis in percent ……. Screen Analysis
60   0.0
60-100   0.7
100-200   89.7
200-325   9.1
325   0.5

Apparent Density: 3 g/cc
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