Copper powder pigment known as gold leaf
Copper powder with metallic shine, also known as gold leaf

Copper Powder type CU7005F is also known as red gold powder, gold leaf or gold pigment in art industries. Particles of this powder are flattened by ball mill and that is what generates the metallic shine.  CU7005F is miscible and compatible with most resins including polyurethane, polyacrylic, polyester and drying oils such as linseed oil. It can also be mixed with conductive resins to make conductive ink.

Typical Applications of Copper Pigment

Metallic Copper Pigment for decorative paints and inks. Gold leaf metallic powder, gilding, Conductive inks, pigment for plastics, Chemical technical applications, Lubricants, Contact materials,
Technical plastics and compounds, Marine paints.

Packaging and Available Sizes

Each pallet is 2000 lbs. We can ship 20 x 100-lb plastic pails or 4 x 500-lb (fiber or steel) drums on each pallet. Small quantities are available for research, education and arts.

Storage and Processing

The storage and transport should always take place in closed containers under cool and dry conditions. Shake or agitate before processing. Compression of powder occurs during storage and transportation.

Shelf life: At least 6 months from the packaging/ purchase date.

Technical Data

The technical data sheet of CU7005F copper pigment show the following data

Technical Features Typical Analysis Test Method
Copper content: Min. 97% Chem. analysis
Grease content: Approx. 0.5% Chem. analysis
Residue on sieve 45 µm: Max. 1% Acc. to DIN 66165
Residue on sieve 75 µm: Traces Acc. to DIN 66165
Apparent Density: Approx. 1 g/cm3 Acc. to DIN EN ISO 3923 part 1
Mean particle diameter: Approx. 20 µm Laser Granulometry Sympatec Helos

Where To Buy Metallica Copper Pigment?

Copper pigment with product code CU7005F may be purchased online from

Free Samples

Free sample of copper pigment CU7005F is available for pickup at our Clifton office in New Jersey.  If you need to pickup a free sample, please call and make an appointment before coming.