CU112SP is a super fine, high density, high purity spherical copper powder that provides high heat conductivity and electrical conductivity properties to your products.
Our specification guarantees that at least 95% of this powder are particles smaller than 44 micron. A typical analysis however shows that 99.9% of particles are smaller than 44 micron. Most particles are between 10 micron and 22 micron.
HTS Code: 7406.10.0000
NMFC: 30743
CAS: 7440-50-8
Copper Purity 99.2% – 99.9%

Applications: Cold spraying, metal filled plastics, decorative applications, sintering and brazing products, structural parts, additive to resins and plastics, catalyst, chemical formulations, copper compounds, conductive coatings, antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, fungicide, prevent bio fouling, artistic effects and patina effects.

Recommended for:
Thick and Thin Film pastes
Capacitor Chips
End cap Terminators
Conductive Inks, paints and pastes
Injection Molding
Thermal management
EDM Electrodes
Thermal Sprays
Sintered alloys/ products
Brazing/ soldering paste
Typical Analysis:
Copper: 99.81%
Iron: 0.15%
Hydrogen Loss: 0.7%
Apparent Density: 4.89 g/cc
+200 MESH: 0%
-200+325 MESH: 4.8%
-325 MESH: 95.2%