Copper powders are used in thousands of different applications and thousands of products for each application. I will discuss and describe in various details about 100 of copper powder applications and name a few products that are made using each specific application. Here is a quick list of copper powder applications:

  1. Cold casting (sculpture, prototypes,
  2. Copper clay (custom jewelry, sculptures
  3. Antifouling (Antifouling paints and coatings)
  4. Fungicide (paint, drywall,
  5. Algaecide (
  6. Heat conductivity (Conductive pastes and fillers
  7. Brazing (Brazing paste,
  8. Sintering
  9. Patine
  10. Electrical conductors
  11. EMF shielding
  12. Red, golden metallic pigment
  13. Making copper salts or copper compounds
  14. Data security shielding
  15. making copper alloys
  16. Intrauterine Device (IUD) for Birth Control