Copper Powders of North America is a supplier of copper powder products in many different grades and for many different applications.

In this website you can learn about our copper powder products, production methods and important technical information you may need in selecting the right copper powder product for your application.

We supply a large array of copper powders and copper powder products that are made in United States or are imported from other copper producer countries. We can help you select the best Copper powder for your specific application. In case the Copper powder you need is not a stock item, we will be glad to produce it based on the specifications you require.

Our Copper powders are mostly distributed by national or international distributors of metals and chemicals including

Different copper powders vary based on the production method, purity, particle size, particle shape, apparent density, conductivity, color and flow rate.
In addition to copper powder we can produce powders of copper alloys such as brass and bronze. Brass powder and bronze powder can be made in different grades based on your applications.

Standard Copper Powder Products:

Some of the most widely used general purpose high purity copper powders are listed bellow. Specifications are based on a typical analysis.

Product CodeName/ DescriptionA.D.MeshPurity %ParticlesApplications
CU165Copper Powder 99.3%, General Purpose, 150 Mesh2.715099.3IrregularGeneral Purpose *
CU155ACopper Powder 99.5% – 99.9%4.8932599.8SphericalGeneral Purpose *
CU301-ECopper Powder 99.3%2.9732599.85IrregularElectronics, Chemistry
CU630Copper Powder, Mesh 400~3.462599SphericalInjection molding
CU41Copper Powder, Mesh 40 (coarse)2.374099.83IrregularGeneral Purpose *
CUPDRCOPPER POWDER > 99% (150 – 325 Mesh)10099IrregularPastes, Chemistry
CU23HPCopper Granules, Mesh 20 (Coarse Copper Powder)5.292099.84Rounded cylinders
CU12HPCopper Granules, 10 mesh (Coarse Copper Powder)Rounded cylinders
CU264Copper Powder, 99.5%, Mesh 1002.610099.5
CU118SPCopper Powder, Fine, SphericalSpherical
CU112SPCopper Powder, Super Fine, Spherical4.5 – 5.5325> 99.2Spherical
CU7005FCopper Powder, Metallic Copper Pigment, Flaked, Waxed1325> 97%Micro Flakes
BZ25PBronze Powder, Filter Grade 25
BZ40PBronze Powder, Filter Grade, 40
BZ5890Bronze Powder, Spherical, Dark
BZ5675CBronze Powder, Spherical, Light

* The General Purpose application of copper powder may include thick and thin film pastes, capacitor chips, end cap terminators, conductive inks and paints and pastes, sintered alloys, thermal sprays, and brazing/soldering pastes.

Please call us with special inquiries for your unique applications. The minimum order for special blends or for production of standard copper alloys such as brass powder or bronze powder is 25 Lbs.

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